What to do when someone passes away

  • Duties

    A loved one's passing is a time when the family must face several difficulties. Relatives and friends are often unable to cope with duties imposed on them. This is where Walkiewicz Funeral Services Company steps in.

    The only thing we expect the family to do is provide is with the necessary documents:

    • ID card of the orderer of funeral services,
    • ID card of the deceased,
    • Death certificate,
    • document certifying the payment of insurance contributions or pensioner ID.

    You can leave everything else to us. We offer swift transport of corpses from the place of death to Poland and other European countries. We also provide comprehensive organization of funeral.

  • Formalities

    After the passing of a loved one, it is necessary to take certain steps and complete the required formalities. First, you should obtain a death report from a doctor. The report is the basic requirement for receiving a death certificate from the Civil Registry Office. Next, you should contact Walkiewicz Funeral Services Company. We will deal with all other formalities in offices, churches, and cemeteries, and mediate in the acquisition of death benefit.
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